“2Fik court la chasse-galerie” at FTA 2016

2fik chasse galerie

On May, 28th to 30th, 2016, 2Fik will transform the Place des Festivals into a huge outdoor photo studio as he reconstructs the legendary Chasse-galerie using his cast of colourful characters. Kitsch, queer, trad.
What if newcomers had to sell their soul to the devil just to move here? The director, model, performer and photographer 2Fik asks this irreverent question of the diverse, complex, plural community he intends to have climb aboard a canoe for an outlandish photo session. The traditional loggers of the mythical Chasse-galerie (The Flying Canoe) are metamorphosed into immigrants as the multidisciplinary artist blows brisk gusts of zaniness over questions of identity.
For three days in a row 2Fik will transform the Place des Festivals. On the first day he will assemble his set and costumes and prepare for the photo session. On the second day he will embody and immortalize the array of characters he has developed over the years, his fantasized alter egos — men and women, Arabs, individuals from both France and Quebec, Muslims, Catholics, atheists. On the third day he will complete a photo montage of his audaciously reimagined Chasse-galerie. An extraordinary event accessible to one and all. Warning: artist at work.

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